Understanding Chinese International Students' Struggle in Canadian University during COVID-19: A Literature Review


  • Chunlei Liu York University




COVID-19, Pandemic, Chinese International Students, Canada, Universities


The economic impact of international students in Canada is tremendous. As the enrollment of domestic students has decreased, the admission of overseas students has made up for the financial losses that Canadian institutions suffer due to the drop in domestic student enrollment. China is a significant exporter of international students to Canada, sending a sizable number of them there yearly. Chinese international students' entrance to Canadian universities is being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. This article contends that because of their temporary immigration status, international students in Canada are at risk. It does this by drawing on the literature analysis approach. They are not included in the majority of government assistance initiatives intended to assist Canadians during this outbreak. The majority of overseas students struggle financially and psychologically as a result of the pandemic. The circumstance is causing a further drop in the admittance of international students, with economic repercussions for Canadian institutions. The report advances our knowledge of the struggles faced by international students and educational institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic by examining the issues they face as well as the methods needed to increase their resilience and universities' capacity.


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